Mark Hill MiracOILicious 2 Minute Intensive Treatment

Hello everyone.
Right where do I start. I don’t need to explain myself just go and buy this product. GO NOW! I’m joking. But seriously it’s like insane how good this product is.

So it’s a Mark Hill product someone who I’ve never really took interest in because to me it looks very basic drugstore hair care. Well my mother is a keen obsessive over Moroccan Argan Oil hair care products, you name it we’ve tried it all. I came to the conclusion that Argan is just another craze that will just disappear in a few years as it didn’t really do much difference to my hair.

My hair is naturally curly, full of split ends, extremely colour and heat damaged. I straighten my hair everyday (I know, tap on the wrist for me) because if I don’t my hair is an ugly, uncontrollable mess.

Let’s get to the product now, so I came home to 3 of the Mark Hill MiracOILicious products, the shampoo, conditioner and 2 minute intensive treatment which all smell DEVINE! I decided to use the shampoo and treatment. I shampooed as normal then followed the instructions saying drain out your hair of water then apply the treatment which says 2 minutes is sufficient. By the time I shaved and what not it was about 5 minutes. As I began to wash it out I noticed the immediate softness and shine. Followed by blow drying and straightening….. Oh my goodness, my hair looked like brand new. It was incredibly shiny, a lot stronger, silky with a lightweight feel. My hair was beautifully straight with an overall undamaged appearance. The more I’ve used this treatment the condition of my hair is improving. It’s retailed at £7.99. Worth every penny.



Hello everyone,
Being a lucky girl working for Benefit I get given every new product before launch date. 😝 and my newest gift is ‘Gimme Brow’. US guys you’ve probably heard about it but for those who haven’t keep reading.

So what is this product?
It’s a brush-on fibre gel that adheres to skin and hairs to give a fuller effect to your brows.
Good points:
It’s water resistant, long wearing, natural looking also buildable.

How to use it:
Stoke brush tip along brow to define shape. Comb through to blend and build.

What I think of it:
I received the light/medium which is to light for me. Using it on my mother it really does work. With in seconds her brows had plumped up and were visibly more defined. Perfect for those no makeup days, because I couldn’t live without my Browzings. It’s quick and easy. I would recommend it to people who have not a lot of time in the morning. Overall good product. 🙂 XXX


Jazz up a Tesco F&F dress

Helloooo my lovelies,

I went to town shopping the other day and I thought i’ll show you what I did with a relatively cheap dress purchased from Tesco. It’s a red cotton material swing style dress which is so easy also comfortable to wear with some black tights and ankle boots. I decided to jazz it up a tiny bit by adding some designer.


First I wore my gold collar neckless from Dorothy Perkins which was in the sale for £3.00. You can also see my black blazer which is from Primark.


A Moschino waist belt, just to cut the dress up and give it more of a shape.


And finally my Christian Louboutin Bianca boots.


As for makeup, I kept it simple with feline black eyeliner, light contour, Soft & Gentle highlighter and finished with MAC cosmetics Myth lipstick.





Work Clothes HAUL + Sale Items

So as you may of read i’ve got a new job which requires smart clothing (YES!), i’ve gone a little craycray with shopping. Here are a few bargains I have found and my work attire. I have a serious obsession with Dorothy Perkins as you’ll find out in the next couple of mins. 😉 Excuse the bad hanger hanging.

Dorothy Perkins Peach Ponte Shift Dress – £18.00

Image Celine Collar Shift Dress – £20.00


Tesco’s F&F Collection – £15.00 looks naff, but it’s cute the way I wore it today with black blazer, black tights, ankle boots and my gold collar neckless.


F&F Colour Block A-line Dress – £22.00 – wearing on Valentines day with my nude Bianca Louboutins and Moschino belt, who says you can’t add class to a Tesco dress? 😉


Dorothy Perkins Alice&You 50’s Skater Dress – £10.00 Sale


Dorothy Perkins Pink Paisley Skater Dress – £25.00


Dorothy Perkins – £12.00 Sale with cute detail




Primark Blazer – £19.00


F&F Long Line Peach Blazer – £25.00


Dorothy Perkins Straight Leg Trousers – £16.00


M&S Pencil Skirt – £17.50 I like this one because it’s a perfect length just above the knee, I find pencil skirts are to long for me who is a short ass.


F&F Cotton Pencil Skirt – £10.00

Image Tianna Box Pleat Skater Skirt – £8.00


Dorothy Perkins Butterfly Ruffle Top – £22.00


Dorothy Perkins Black Colour Block Shirt – £28.00 (tiny bit pricy for a blouse but gorge)


M&S Limited Edition Heels- Sale £27.00 check out the multi coloured lining!


Dorothy Perkins Beige Boots – £25 Sale


Dorothy Perkins Collar Neckless – £3.00 Sale


Miss Rebel Barbie Crop Top – £2.99 Sale I got this for summer as it looks so cute with a high waisted skirt or shorts and whats not to like at under £3.





Thank you Bethany ( for the nomination this is going to be fun. 😀

The questions:

  1. How long have you been blogging for?

I have been blogging since 2nd of Febuary 2014, so…. not long at all. haha.

    2. Whats your favorite dish?

My favourite dish is chicken breast cooked in lemon and olive oil, with small roast potatoes, carrots cooked in butter and olive oil and cold broccoli in vinegar and oil. I could eat this everyday, in fact everytime I go to my Nan she never asks what I want for dinner she just makes it every Wednesday night.

3. What plans have you got for 2014?

Hopefully to get over my anxiety and go on holiday with my boyfriend, hopefully build up my business so it takes off as well as my Youtube career.

4. Whats your favorite lipstick brand?


5. Why did you start blogging?

I’ve always liked the idea of blogging as i’m quite fashion minded. It’s a step to starting my youtube channel, I have everything to film and edit, just WHERE do I film in my house, every room is rubbish.

6. If youcould have any super power or ability what would it be?

Hmm, probably to turn fat into nothing, so I can eat as many chocolates as I want and not put on any weight. Hehehehe.

7. What is your favorite fashion store?

I’m loving Dorothy Perkins at the moment.

8. Fluffy socks or Slippers?


9. Whats the one beauty product you cant live without?


10. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?


11. Heels or flats?

Heels, I wear them everyday, I don’t own a pair of flats expect my Nike trainers.


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I nominate





I don’t know any other bloggers. 🙂

1. Whats the one thing you hate the most?

2. Favourite beauty product?

3. Proudest Achievement?`

4. What’s your favourite joke?

5. Favourite alcoholic beverage?

6. Dream Holiday?

7. Last film you watched?

8. Favourite smell?

9. Dream Job?

10. Last thing you ate?

11. Would you skydive for £/$1,000,000

My Work Glamour Photography

As well as working for Benefit & VW I have my own little business on the side which offers makeovers & Photography. I’ve done a few brides, proms, photoshoots. I’m particularly interested in working for a Glamour Magazine for example NUTS or ZOO, as I like the fact you can really go to town with the hair and makeup whilst also making the model look their best. Here are a few examples of my recent shoots. For more information like my page on Facebook: – I know myself I can do better, but it’s all learning the art of photoshop. Using only a backdrop and a light in my kitchen. You’ve gotta start somewhere. 🙂









Todays MINI Haul

So today I went to Castle Point with my grandmother for a coffee and I couldn’t resist buying a few more bits. As you may already know i’ve got a new office job aswell as staying with Benefit Cosmetics, but i’ve gone a little to crazy with office attire! I will do a blog post on what I have brought when the collection is complete! 🙂

1. Limited Edition Pointed Toe Ankle Strap Shoes with Insolia®Image






I got these as they look really cute with black tights. These are a label called Limited Edition found in Marks & Spencer’s, They cost £35 but my grandmother treated me as of my new job. They are so comfortable they have something called Insolia® which redistributes your weight away from the balls of your feet, reducing pressure and increasing ankle stability, allowing you to wear your heels comfortably all day long. Perfect for a long day at work. 

2. Rose Gold Watch – Next



Such a Gorgeous watch, it’s a rose gold colour with gems and it’s forever dazzeling. Classy yet wont break the bank at £25 unlike a Michael Korrs watch. 

3. Gem Bow iPhone Case.



Now i’m never the one for a gem phone case as I think they look tacky. But this is amazing it’s so sparkly the photo does it no justice. I needed a phone case as my phone is scratched on the back. A little bit pricey at £17.99.